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Read The Regs

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Compliance is complicated

Reading the Regs should be simple

An app to read, search and cite multiple regulations, standards and guidelines like it's the digital age.

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Designed for the QA and Regulatory Professional.

The Content You Need

Important regulations and guidelines at your fingertips, formatted with readability in mind. We've started with the core GLPs, and the collection will grow over time. We want you to make this your go-to resource for all your compliance needs!

Smart Search and Links

Each document presented with a navigable table of contents and links. Zoom in on definitions and key concepts. Search across multiple regulations. View and compare results on one page. No more 'click next' through a PDF!

Mobile Friendly

Results are displayed in a 'responsive' document that is readable and navigable whether you're on your computer, phone, or tablet. Take it with you on an audit, double check that requirement on the train home. ReadTheRegs is with you when you need it.

Tools for the Professional

We are developing a suite of tools with QA and regulatory professionals in mind. A great search experience, easy citations of specific clauses and one-click copy are just the beginning. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated on news and releases!

Read the Regs like it's the digital age presents the GLPs and other regulations, standards and guidelines in a consistent, searchable and mobile-friendly way.

  • Search multiple regulations at once.
  • Select and cite specific paragraphs at the click of a button.
  • Collect citations in the field.


It's simple! You choose which documents to include in your search, and ReadTheRegs shows you the results in a modern, mobile- and tablet-friendly web page. Select a clause and a menu pops up that lets you copy the citation, copy the clause, and more. Use the smart, configurable search across several documents. There's even an index on the side that lets you navigate the documents or search results to focus on exactly the results you need.

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Easily Look Up Terms Defined in the GLPs

The GLP Definitions Browser, powered by ReadTheRegs technology, lets you look up the exact definition of any term defined in the GLPs. Whether to explain a concept, reference the definition, or verify the exact wording, you get one place to easily search GLP definitions from the OECD, FDA and EPA GLPs. The Definitions Browser is freely available for anyone to use. The following video provides a demonstration of it in action:

Open the Definitions Browser

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